Sustainability and Social Responsibility


From the beginning, the Sohn family has championed sustainable forestry practices. To us, that means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations.

Today, we continue that legacy—not only because it’s what the Sohn family, our investment partners, and communities expect. It’s the legacy our kids and grandkids deserve.

Our land stewardship ethic integrates reforestation and the managing, growing, nurturing, and harvesting of trees for useful products and ecosystem services. From planning a road to harvesting a tree, we aim to enhance soil, air, and water quality, carbon storage, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, recreation, and aesthetics.


    We replant within two years of harvest and exceed tree-per-acre regulations.


    Our wildlife biologist ensures management plans and operations support wildlife and their habitat.


    We work with local nonprofits and agencies to improve stream habitat and water quality.


    How will a timber harvest affect the scenery? We evaluate and adjust the visual impacts of our operations where appropriate.


    We listen to our neighbors, consider their input, and address their concerns.


    Operating in Oregon means complying with one of the strictest forestry laws in the nation. What’s more, we are responsive to research and public interest.


    The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) is an independent certification program that works with environmental, social and industry partners to promote sustainable forest management including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, species at risk and Forests with Exceptional Conservation Value. Lone Rock certified its lands to the SFI® Standard in January 2016.

    2023 Lone Rock Timber Management Company Policy on Indigenous Peoples Rights

    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is deeply rooted in the value system instilled by the Sohn family.


    We continue the Sohn family’s tradition of providing generous pay and benefits.


    We’re generous with our time and contributions to community and charitable causes supporting the arts, education, libraries, and youth activities.


    We actively participate in professional associations, research and development, and regulatory processes.

    You Know the Golden Rule?

    We kind of have that here but focused on forest lands—treat the lands as if they were your own.


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