Investors: Why Timber?

Investing in Lone Rocks Timberland has numerous benefits that distinguish it from other investments.

Timberlands can help provide a balanced portfolio and are well suited for the long-term investor who desires stable, tangible assets with multiple value propositions. In addition to attractive financial returns, Lone Rock’s unique and well-honed management of its timberlands offer several Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors that provide investors long-term performance advantages. Specifically, Lone Rock’s timberlands provide economic vitality for our rural communities, wildlife habitat for a wide range of species, clean water for people and animals, countless outdoor recreational opportunities, carbon sequestration in growing forests, and carbon storage in long-lived wood products.

As an asset class, timberland investments yield favorable returns while demonstrating a low correlation with other major asset classes, allowing portfolio diversification while minimizing volatility. 

Timberlands provide a hedge against inflation. Regardless of market conditions, trees grow. In the Pacific Northwest, they grow really—much greater than inflation. The biological growth of trees, combined with consistent cash flow, make an ideal addition to the portfolio of investors seeking longterm, stable returns.

Nearly 60%

of timberland performance is driven by biological growth. 


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